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Filigree Clog Napkin Holder

Filigree Clog Napkin Holder

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Filigree Clog Napkin Holder

Filigree pieces are unique to south eastern part of Turkey. There are only a handful of Assyrian masters in the city of Mardin.

We only deliver from these last survivors of this art.

This traditional Ottoman Luxury Style Artwork is handmade in Turkey.

This artwork treated with Ottoman motifs and patterns.

This artwork ideal gift for Birthday, Shower, Wedding, Housewarming, Engagement Celebration, Henna Night, Christmas and much more

Unique and special for you because handmade


For serving Napkin and more



This 1 piece set

- 1 Napkin Holder



Color: Gold, Silver

Material: Copper, NaturalStone

Dimensions: h:23


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